The Gallery – retired


Us being in Edmonton, plus the fact Logic Lock had just opened a new room, just equates to the best possible scenario for us. The room is set in an art gallery where you’re trying to find clues to why (I think it was…) the item you had stolen previously from there was a forgery. The room lends itself to being a small gallery, but for the theme it seems it would’ve been more of a museum setting that it was looking for in the end. The room is filled with interactive parts and bit, on par with their other rooms, and has an added “difficulty” factor that added to the gameplay in a roleplaying aspect. There was a nice variety of non standard lock puzzles, and some that really tickled our brains. There were a lot of, what I’d say were, more fragile pieces and items that could very well be broken easily if not careful. The reason, as we’re told, was to further the immersion factor despite it. While I applaud the decision, I’m worried for less than delicate people to play the room. The clues are once again given via speaker system with pre-recorded audio clips. Always fun to see how they play out. As usual, the staff is great! And with the room being only open for a short time, they were more than receptive for any feedback we had for it.

This room was my first of Logic Lock’s and I have to say I’m impressed. They went for a high immersiveness factor and I’d say they succeeded in that. This room is based off of a high end art gallery. Entering into the room, you see it’s filled with generally realistic looking and feeling items, all of which you can pick up and handle. I thought this was a really cool aspect and I’m glad they didn’t go the way many others do by using cheap dollar store items. The room was well laid out and flowed nicely. The puzzles were slightly difficult at times. One especially as we had trouble getting our heads around how to use two clues together to solve the puzzle. After solving it however, it made perfect sense and I do appreciate how different that puzzle is from anything else I’ve done. There was a great use of technology in this room as well, with there only being maybe one standard lock. I also have to comment on their hint system, which is all pre-recorded in character audio clips. It really helps to keep the immersiveness of the room up and one of the best hint systems I’ve dealt with. Staff wise, these guys are super nice and really accepting of feedback. This will definitely be some place I’ll be visiting again next time I’m in Edmonton.




The Gallery - retired
Still can't tell if we were suppose to be the good or bad guys in the end
Room Quality90%
Customer Service95%
  • Like a sequel or spin-off story from another room
  • Variety of interactive puzzles
  • Sacrifices "safe" props for immersion

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