Vanishing Villains


WIt seems unfair to rate a mobile escape room on the same terms as an average room. It’s also hard in hindsight if you’re going to be comparing the two proportionately as well. Cause if you did, it’d be: 40% of the cost, 17% of the time and completely variable to room size or amount puzzles depending on other rooms you compare it to. Now, I had tried them out when they were at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (solo, I might add, as no one else was readily available). Never having done a mobile styled room before, I wanted to check it out and see what it was like. There were others, like Locked Room at the Stampede and then some “mini” ones at Screamfest, but never got to try them. Mobile Escape was actually pretty decent. There’s only a handful of puzzles in the room (4-5) but they are of a good variety in terms of physical, spatial and tech. The room(s) are in a mobile trailer which contains two separate themes, so half the trailer space per room. I want to say something like an 8′ x 12′ room? For what it was, it wasn’t bad at all for a taste of an escape room experience. Theme was what it was for such a short time, and wasn’t much for immersion given how long you were in there, but they didn’t really go low on decorative elements to the space. It’s hard to say “go try this” when it’s only a taste and it’s easier to try a permanent location but for the experience, or to allow the experience, to have it somewhere remote, or an event or something, would be neat to have.



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