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So, before it became a Netflix movie, or even several movies in Japan prior to that, Death Note was a really popular Japanese comic that became a really popular Japanese cartoon. This room in its theme is entirely based on that. Now, having seen the anime and read the manga, I’ve really appreciated all the little nods and details put into this room (though as a fan, there were a lot of little aspects and small things that could’ve added more). Lots of little Easter Eggs for things relating to the original story (and even how to find the Death Note). The puzzles laid out were a nice mix, some more straight forward than others. Quite a bit of seeking material and hidden parts and items. Some puzzles and their solutions you had to suspend your disbelief as to why a puzzle like that would exist in the first place. One puzzle we were stuck on for a bit that actually made us make use of an object we wouldn’t normally think of using for its intended purpose. The room itself is fine, as it’s suppose to be just a bedroom and nothing too glamorous. The vinyl coverings on the windows were suppose to emulate what you’d see outside, but didn’t really match the location for a residential home (and weren’t really applied very well). Getting out wasn’t too bad once we had all our ducks lined up eventually, as we kept getting solutions to things we didn’t have to apply them to. The exit item was pretty cool to see in action. Definitely a step up from our previous experience and looking forward to what else they have in store.

I did this room with another group of people instead of the usual group we go with; it’s always fun to see the difference between your usual group and other’s thinking process changes. Death Note was quite a neat experience, I’m not well versed with the series but I knew the basics of it and Trapped really got a bunch the little secret things that fans would know instantly. This doesn’t mean if you don’t know anything about the series that it’d be impossible to escape. I will warn you ahead of time there is a puzzle that you will need to do something that is a major no-no in escape rooms, this stumped us for a while and required a clue. You’ll find things that may or may not be required for later in the game so just be sure to keep track of everything. The room was well setup and had a few neat tricks up its sleeve. It’s one of those rooms where you get a hint and then you’re hit with that instant “Ah crap – its right there” moment, so you definitely need to pay attention to every little detail. I would suggest this room is more meant for a smaller group so if you have a larger one it may change the experience I had as we all had something to do. Definitely enjoyed my experience here at Trapped and they really improved my opinion of them from our Egypt experience. I’m excited to give the other rooms a go!

This is the first room I tried at Trapped and I was very much looking forward to seeing what this Death Note room was all about. Before the room, I had maybe watched four episodes of the anime and honestly didn’t remember much. After playing the room however, I got back into the series to find out more about the back-story that the room was based off of. After watching more of the anime, I’d say the room is mildly accurate in both it’s build, better with it’s puzzles. This was a fairly difficult room for us and did require us to use a few hints throughout. There was some ingenious “real world” puzzles that we’ve never encountered in a room before, but were so obvious once they were solved. You really have to pay attention to detail in this room. This is an aspect I particularly enjoy as I like rooms that have more search and find type puzzles to them. I was pretty impressed with this room and I’m now itching to try out the rest of Trapped’s rooms. Side note: You should watch at least the first episode of the anime before trying out this room for added benefit.


Puzzles: 90% Room Quality: 90% Immersiveness: 85% Customer Service: 90%




Death Note - retired
I'm sure L would love us on his team
Room Quality78%
Customer Service87%
  • Easter eggs
  • Variety of puzzles

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  1. Errol

    Allo! Where is Trapped? Forgive me, it’s probably written somewhere and I don’t see it. 🙂

    We have a Trapped in Toronto with the exact rooms so I’m wondering if you did it in Toronto or if they expanded out to Alberta!


    • W


      Yeah, they expanded out West and have a few locations out here now. They have a location in Calgary, Alberta which is where we’re located and where this particular room was played.



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