Hangar 403


wA 5th room from the original location of The Locked Room, though not quite in the same place as their other rooms. This new room is found a few units to the left of the building that Locked Room is located in. It shares its space with an archery tag gym area as well (kinda like paintball and dodgeball but with bow and arrows). The room itself looks hangar-ish, with several points you need to “hack” a lock open with a box you have. The solutions need to be found and then you need to have the extra step of making all the digits in the correct order. Quite a few time killers in this room overall. One where you need the minimum amount of four people to each do something, and then one where you need everyone to coordinate in a collective manner. I guess it’s a good thing they give you a bit of extra time (10 mins) for this room as well. A lot of the props were interesting, but also felt a bit impractical as well as to why you would have these certain puzzles in an alien research facility, but puzzle wise they felt fairly on point and varied to the kinds of puzzles used. Their little ipad wasn’t working so we never got our epic team picture at the end despite them saying they’d send it to us.

We finally decided on doing the Hanger 403 room, Locked Rooms newest escape adventure in their North East location. This isn’t located in the main Locked Room but it’s just a couple doors down. The location is shared with Archery Tag (Which by the way looks like a fantastic time). This room had a few neat tech puzzles which are always exciting. For the immersion factor, they really got the theme of an Area 51 Lab and it felt like something out of an X-Files epi. That was one of my concerns going into this room, most have cheesy effects and just random body parts floating in green liquid. So it was a pleasant surprise. You do get an extra 10 minutes with this room which is needed to offset a massive timewaster of a puzzle. That was one of my biggest issues with this room, these things are always a PITA and holds up the group until it’s completed. I will warn you in advance, have someone in your group bring hand sanitizer. You’ll be using a communal glove that has god know how many people’s hands in it, and it’s a glove that gets extremely warm and sweaty. Customer service has always been good with my locked room experiences and they lived up to that expectation again.



Hangar 403
The truth was in here
Room Quality83%
Customer Service85%
  • Unique puzzles
  • Themed elements
  • Big time killer

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