Contaminated Hospital


It was a little different as we did this room for a friend’s birthday. The group was fairly large and thus we did two separate rooms. So, a few people for this room hadn’t done many rooms before and one actually hadn’t done any until this one. This came in real handy as that individual solved many of the puzzles that stumped us or we overlooked with our cemented ways of thinking. We were led in blindfolded again, which seems to be the norm for all the rooms and not just certain ones based on gameplay. The room itself was a bit odd, not too much in decorations or such in the first half, more of a patient area and then an observation/office area. Some of the puzzle were a bit odd to say the least. Some of it you couldn’t really put two and two together for and required some really out of the box type of thinking (that our newbie ended up solving). One particular puzzle I question as it can possibly be a reason why a lot of people try this at other escape rooms and can become a safety hazard. As, well it felt pretty linear as you couldn’t really break up to solve different things but more so to break up to look at different things. The room also re-uses certain items over the course of it’s progression which threw us a bit as well, although it wasn’t in the same manner it was used for previously. Somehow we ended up getting out with only using one hint.

We went to Trapped for a friend’s birthday and the experience we had here was much better than the first time. It was a fairly large group so we split up into two different rooms, they did the Medieval Prison and we did the Contaminated Hospital. Advanced warning: this room is extremely linear so it would be best with a small group. Decoration wise the room was okay, it really didn’t have a hospital vibe to it. They definitely can do way more to make the room a bit more immersive. Outside of that the puzzles were all pretty run of the mill, nothing groundbreaking or exciting to really get you immersed into the room. They did have one puzzle which breaks the most important and basic escape room rule. I did not like that at all; you’re setting a dangerous precedent if this was someone’s first room and it becomes something they may think is in play but it’s not. My biggest issue with Trapped Rooms is they really end on a whimper rather than a bang. You don’t get that same excitement getting out over some of the other ones we’ve done in Calgary.



Contaminated Hospital
Room Quality60%
Customer Service85%
  • Questionable puzzle
  • A little under decorated

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