Curse of Sleepy Hollow

wOn a whim, and since we were in the area, we decided to do a room in Red Deer which lead us to Lockdown. We were going to originally see if we could do the Floor 13 Elevator room that the South location had, but we were just passing by so we just took what was available the soonest. We’re apparently helping Ichabod Crane on his search for the person decapitating everyone which leads us to this cabin. The first part of the room was pretty neat, but unfortunately was probably the most decorated and immersive part of the room and didn’t take too much to progress away from there. The puzzles are extremely linear! One lead to the next and repeat. After a certain point the puzzles were just really random and didn’t have anything to do with the theme (or anything to tie in what lock it relates to or what other things are required to solve it). One lock we actually just skipped as we couldn’t find anything to give a clue to it (but it didn’t really hinder us in our progress). The most unlinear part was the very end where a few things could be worked on simultaneously. Unfortunately, our time ran out when we hit that point and we didn’t end up finishing it.

We were introduced to the lore of the room in complete darkness, which was an interesting start, but once the game started and we were given lights to navigate it became clear that there wasn’t actually much to look at in the room to begin with. There’s very little guidance, you basically go through the room from lock to lockbox in a very linear manner. There was a LOT of lockboxes in this room, too. It was basically barren of anything else. The decor was okay, it fit a simple wild cabin aesthetic, but not very interesting otherwise. A lot of the clues were really nonsensical and difficult to piece together. They weren’t integrated into the theme very well and not very intuitive. We were basically fumbling in the dark trying to figure out which lock corresponded to the last unlocked clue with no sense of story or guidance. We actually skipped over a clue with an educated guess because we just did not have enough resources to actually unlock it. Overall it was a mediocre experience. Felt a bit like a money sink. Points for some interesting clues but their lack of theme and the basic ‘hey unlock all these boxes’ play style is just not something I’m very interested in.



Curse of Sleepy Hollow
And we got flaming pumpkin head'd
Room Quality65%
Customer Service70%
  • Random themed puzzles
  • Too linear

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