WThis room was in the works before we even heard of their Trump room. It’s labeled as a premium room and costs a bit more than their other rooms. Despite that, the room itself feels worth it and didn’t leave us feeling unfulfilled at all! Being a “Steampunk Adventure” it sure plays off of it with a lot of really cool props and room design. What worked well for us was the non-linear elements of this room, where different people can do different things so we’re not all stuck on the same puzzle. There’s lots of different types of puzzles and tech used in the this room, along with some look and find items. The build is nothing short of amazing for the majority of it. Each puzzle has a strong tie to the theme and some really interesting room builds that require some short climbing and maneuvering. The room grants you 70 mins to get out as opposed to the standard 60. We had a bit of a problem when on part of a puzzle had a slight malfunction on us, but we were able to fix it and still continue. The staff had paused our time while dealing with this issue too, which was appreciated. We ended up annihilating the previous best time to set a new record!

We had been waiting to do this room since we first heard about it, which was roughly a year ago. This is a ‘premium’ room so it costs 10$ more and has a 70 minute time limit rather than 60 minutes. I always feel a little off about having to pay extra for a room, especially going up to 35$ from 25$ for only 10 extra minutes, however once we got into the room the extra cost felt worth it. It was very obvious that they put a lot of time and effort into creating this room, and it was definitely worth the wait. There is a lot going on in the room, but luckily there is quite a bit you can do in separate groups. There are a few jump scares, one puzzle that feels like a time waster, and one puzzle that we’ve seen in a few other rooms (with a bit of a twist) that remains a favorite of mine. This is my favorite room in the city, and quite possibly my favorite overall.

After hearing the rumors about a Frankenstein room at Confined, I was immediately excited for it to be completed. The wait was well worth it as the design and immersion of the room was beautiful. This may be my all-time favorite room that I’ve done. The room has insane handmade props that really sell the theme of a steampunk adventure; you can tell Confined really put in the work to make this room as awesome as they possibly could. The room had enough puzzles for every one of us to work on and not stand around waiting for one to be completed, my only issue is with one of the puzzles. Like many rooms it’s a huge time sink and builds unnecessary frustration for the players. One part broke on us so our game master was going to bypass it for us but we managed to repair the cord on our own. Although one thing I would suggest is to grind down the sharp edges on the tags, they left a few marks on us. Majority of the puzzles are super unique and a welcome change from the escape room scene in Calgary lately. The room has a few jump scares which will catch you off guard, one in particular is intimidating. Overall, I was blown away by the creativity and design work done by the Confined group. I highly, highly recommend this room for anyone wanting an amazing escape experience.

 I’m gonna come at this from a purely aesthetic standpoint first: this room looks awesome. Probably the best looking in Calgary. I was initially kind of iffy about the higher price but honestly after spending time in this room I totally get it. Confined has a lot of talented artists working there and their rooms tend to be a grade higher than what you normally find elsewhere, but Frankenstein in particular really showcases their skills. The puzzles are unique and handmade, there’s been a lot of craft and care put into everything here. I had a great time checking out all the props and I really have to praise the creativity in how the puzzles are put together. I also liked how the puzzles in this room progressed- there’s a lot of non-linear stuff here that we could split up and work individually for, and it felt like an accomplishment when everything came together to unlock something new. For a relatively small room there’s actually a lot to do, and it never felt overcrowded. All in all a great looking room with great puzzles. A+, highly recommend.



"It's alive... Alive!"
Room Quality98%
Customer Service98%
  • Super well decorated
  • Large variety of puzzles
  • Time killer puzzle
  • Extra cost for a premium room

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