The Barbershop – retired

wThis was a heck of a place to find. It’s kinda hidden and tucked away into a corner with little signage. It’s an odd room, as it’s suppose to be a barber shop but it only contains one chair and one mirror, kinda like an actor’s personal makeup area. Plus carpet on the ground. I get sometimes you’re limited since this was like an office space type of area, but the place felt like a person’s bedroom considering there were dressers and drawers in there. Some of the decorations contained puzzles but felt out of place in the overall theme. There is one piece of tech in the room that was kinda neat, but because of what it is we did have some troubles getting a proper read on it and it had to be bypassed. They did let us go in right away even though we arrived fairly early than our scheduled time. Although, when we escaped no one was there to greet us or to mark our time as there was only one employee and they were dealing with another group. Our time was guestimated and we ended up tying for best time!

The premise behind this room is that your friend has gone missing and was last seen by a sketchy barber shop, so you decide to investigate. With that in mind, I don’t understand why they went with the props/theming that they used in the room. There isn’t anything about this room that screams barbershop, other than a couple barbers tools on a shelf. There were enough puzzles to keep us busy, nothing overly complicated, a mix of logic and physical. One puzzle we had correct, but it wasn’t triggering the lock so we had to bypass it. It was enjoyable, but nothing about it really stood out. If you’re in the area and looking to do an escape room, check it out, but probably not worth traveling for.



The Barbershop - retired
Room Quality60%
Customer Service75%
  • Not immersive
  • Some impractical puzzles

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