The most difficult part about the Chaos room is writing about it. Being a Level 2 Membership room (meaning you need to have done three rooms at Trapped prior to this), it was reserved for booking with at least one person in the group who is at that level. The room also has no backstory given in the beginning, and while in the room you unravel the story of why you’re there and what you’re supposed to do, which is part of the fun and why not much can be written about it. The puzzles were of a nice variety with a lot of different elements to them. The gameplay was very unique and not anything I’ve seen in Calgary before to the extent they had taken it. The room was given an 80 min time limit because of the number of things going on. It definitely took some thinking, and a little bit of memorizing, to figure everything out. The room build wasn’t anything too extraordinary but it was because of that, I presume, that allowed it to be easier to accomplish what they did when laying it out which worked to their advantage. For sure the best room for me at their location at this time. We completed the room with only seconds to spare (my fault for wanting to double check things) and made us the first to successfully beat the room!

This is Trapped’s exclusive members only room that requires at least one person to reach level 2 in their membership to unlock. Luckily, W & myself have reached that requirement because boy howdy this room was amazing. The concept was totally different from any of the rooms we’ve done in Calgary and Edmonton. This is going to be a barebones review since you really need that surprise factor going into the room and figuring out the concept as you go. The room right now is 80 minutes which I think is a good amount of time to complete this room. Immersion wise you’ll think it’s run of the mill but once you dig deeper into the room you appreciate the thought and effort put into it. All I can say is this may be one of my favorite rooms I’ve done in Calgary. The puzzles were challenging but not to the point that they were designed to be frustrating. It’s not like your traditional room where the outcome is either you pass or fail by getting out, you can get out but still fail the room so be careful in noting every single detail.

This was my first time at Trapped, and it was a really good first impression. For one thing they had a tiny dog to greet us in the waiting room! And also the establishment had a very nice presentation, very fancy looking compared to the more basic decor of most places. Getting to the actual room… while the room itself doesn’t look very out of the ordinary, the truly unique part about it is how you progress, and the way in which you need to solve puzzles. I can’t say much without potential spoilers, but this is definitely among the most creative rooms I’ve done yet and I found it really engaging. It’s definitely a high difficulty level and doesn’t have many obvious clues or puzzles, it relies a lot on your curiosity and intuition when it comes to figuring out what it is you need to solve, nevermind what clue goes with what lock and such. You’re basically just put into this place with a vague goal and kind of just work your way from there. Your decisions and answers have a surprising effect on how the story proceeds, as well. I was so impressed with how this room went, it’s one of my favourites now. There are lots of bits here I’ve never seen any other escape room in Calgary do, so kudos to Trapped for making this a really fun experience! A+, highly recommend, just make sure you have some other escape rooms under your belt and a smart group of people because, again, even with the extended time it’s a very difficult room.

This was my second time at Trapped. The first time I was here left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth because of how disorganized and unprepared everything was so I was unsure how this room was going to be. Luckily, this room totally made up for the previous experience. Unlike every other room I’ve done, this one you only get a rules briefing at the beginning of the game, and you have to figure out the story as you go. Unfortunately, because of this I can’t give many details without ruining the game. There are a few ways to fail this room, and even with an 80 minute time limit, it’s still possible to get tripped up in certain parts. Luckily, we were able to solve everything right before our time ran out.




No comment = no spoilers!
Room Quality87%
Customer Service93%
  • Unique gameplay

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