Ye Olde Horrible Dungeon

WUncertain what the dungeon would hold for us, it was more than just, say, a medieval prison type of environment and was taking an entirely different route. Overall, the room’s build aspect is their most detailed and immersive room of their current three. A lot of work clearly went into the decor even to the lighting fixtures and hiding the ceiling. The theme itself plays into a narrative that you’re a part of as you go. I can’t recall if we were given a backstory as we entered the room, but it played itself out if you let it. I say if you let it, cause we kinda went into high gear escape mode and only dabbled on parts of the story as we went through, with only some people knowing how to do some of the puzzles as we split up. There was a selection of different types of puzzles, but most lead to a letter/number lock, though a couple things did stand out. I kinda wish we had taken a bit more time to immerse ourselves in the story and the room, but if we did then we wouldn’t have gotten out at a record breaking time making it to the top of the room’s leaderboard!

Ye Olde Horrible Dungeon was our last room to do at Arcadia. Going into the room you can tell they put a lot of effort into the set build. They really made it have that fairy tale dungeon feel to it, right up to the moonlight in the window. The room was a lock and combo heavy room with very little tech involved, but it was a nice touch for a dungeon room. The room was fairly non linear as we all could split off and do different puzzles to solve, I think the fault of our group is we do things so quickly we don’t get to see the other puzzles once they are complete. The torches were a neat touch but I found they gave off little light which made some things a bit hard to see. Overall it was another enjoyable room at Arcadia and fingers crossed we’ll be back to try a new theme once they build it.

We finally made it back to Arcadia to complete their final room and I am glad that we did. The build quality was way more immersive than the previous two rooms, and even your flashlights fall into the theming. A lot of the puzzles were fairly straight forward, but still enjoyable. We manages to breeze through the room and make it to the number one spot on the leaderboard. My only disappointment was not taking the time to look around more and enjoy the work that was put into creating the room, but that was on us not Arcadia.





Ye Olde Horrible Dungeon
Not actually as ye olde horrible as the name implies
Room Quality88%
Customer Service85%
  • Variety of puzzles
  • Non-linear game play

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