The Most Dangerous Game

We had been talking about checking out this new escape room company since before they had opened and they were a ‘coming soon’ on instagram. Now that they had been open for a while and hoping that all opening bugs would be fixed we booked in to do The Most Dangerous Game. The room itself was well designed, and you can tell a lot of effort was put into the aesthetic of the room. A large screen in the corner is your countdown clock which booms with a bell chime every ten minutes. I had assumed that the clues would be coming in through the same screen, however we had a walkie talkie to communicate for clues or clarification. A lot of the puzzles are pretty straight forward, and some of them were so simple we over complicated them and ended up using a hint. The story for the room seems a little thrown together, but overall strong enough. I did however get the feeling that this company isn’t looking so much for escape room enthusiasts so much as it’s looking to book their rooms for corporate events. This room in particular holds twelve people (if I’m not mistaken) which would be A LOT if you’re all actually trying, but if you’re doing it as a team building activity and some of your group isn’t as invested it could be okay.

We’ve been meaning to go to Escape 60 for a while, and we finally got the chance to visit by doing the The Most Dangerous Game. The lobby is definitely a step up from the others in Calgary, it has a more social vibe to it compared to the others where you just sit in chairs until it’s your turn to do a room. You can tell it’s designed for larger groups/parties/events. The room itself was well built, they put in some effort making the prison cells look authentic. For our game we were separated into three groups – three in one prison cell, two in the other and one outside of both cells. We got out of our cell fairly quickly but we over complicated the puzzle to help our other cellmates escape. The story for the room was a bit muddled but it was really not too detrimental to the gameplay. One of our group suggestions is to lower the sound of the chimes on the gameclock, also having the ability to turn off the lights or dim them enough so a blacklight will work properly. It was quite hard using it with the lights turned on.

This was my first time at this location, and they have a very professional presentation. It has one of the nicest waiting rooms I’ve ever been in, very fancy. Getting to the escape room itself… it was actually pretty small and simple in appearance; all of its content had to be subtle as result of this. This is  one of those room types that rely on a lot of teamwork in the beginning; you start off separated and need each other’s help to get out of your respective cells. I unfortunately had a pretty slow start as I was stuck in my cell until the 35 minute mark. As result I didn’t really get to explore the room in full, so I missed out on quite a few puzzles. It wasn’t so much a lack of teamwork as the clue arrangement in my particular cell was a little misleading. No spoilers, but I feel the clues in that particular cell could have been communicated much better. That ended up giving me a salty start to the room, though the rest of it was fun. There were some interesting clues, a lot of it very subtle and relying on attention to detail. We had some bumps along the way, also involving some red herrings that I think may have been more accident than intentional design, but we ended up getting out of the room with time to spare. It was overall a fun experience, and I’d rate this one towards the higher end of your average escape rooms, maybe about medium difficulty. Not a lot of ‘wow’ in this room when it comes to props or story but still a lot of cool puzzles to enjoy and a good time for people looking for something different.



The Most Dangerous Game
Room Quality83%
Customer Service85%

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