Who We Are:

We’re just a group of people who got hooked on playing escape rooms. From Calgary, we would aim to do all the ones we could (or wanted to do) and even do some in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Most of the rooms we all do together as team, but some of us do still play with other friends as well as family and from time to time we also invite the odd friend/family with our team if the mood strikes, therefore not everyone has a review written for each room done. Having done so many, we all get questioned on what good rooms there are to do, and what ones to avoid or are more suited to specific interests and such, so this was our solution. We wanted to have a website with locations, information and rooms that we’ve done to give a little insight into our experiences. Now, we know not all experiences can be the same, so that’s why we’ve given our different views on each room to show the differences (or similarities) of our own experience. The dates posted in each review is not the date it was reviewed, but the date that we first did the room, as many rooms can change and evolve in time where certain things may not apply anymore, this is what we experienced at that time the first time. New reviews by members who’ve done the room at a later date will be added into the existing review page without an update notice being posted. Therefore scores can change over time and this would be a reason why.

Our Rating System:

We decide this category by the number of puzzles, the types and kinds of puzzles. If they’re challenging or just plain overly difficult, if they’re practical to the theme of the room or random, if they’re working properly or malfunctioning if technologically based. Are they the same things we see everywhere or are they trying to be unique and different?

Room Quality:
Is it trying to be what it’s made out to be or is it just an empty room with a table and lock boxes on it? We’re looking at the effort put into the room, if it’s tidy or a mess, if it’s looking clean or run down with broken parts and items.

Do you feel like you’re there? How much does this room make you feel like you’re living out the backstory? We want to be enveloped into the story and play the role than just go into a room and do group sudoku together. Does everything fit together with the story and your role and the environment you’re in? The music if it’s there, the atmosphere, lighting and decorations all need to fit.

Customer Service:
First impressions are your greeting at the door. Do they acknowledge you right away and know what they’re doing? Do they feel like they want to send you off to an adventure, or do they feel like they’re at work and want to ask if you want fries with that? Are they friendly and talk you up, or do they just want to take your money and send you into the room to do your thing? Are they helpful when it comes to hints, attentive and want you to have a good time? This is what we look at.