Arcadia Adventures




An adventure room (tasks/quests to perform as opposed to just escaping something) that’s located just across the street from Chinook Centre. Currently they have two rooms that are up, and a third on the way according to their leaderboards. Those boards are slats of chalkboards that are hung behind the front counter that your team is in charge of decorating with your team name while in their waiting room. Parking is somewhat limited given that it’s street parking (though I guess Chinook can be an option) and potentially a little difficult to see the signage at night time. The place is designed nicely, with their walls designed around their “A” logo on the interior walls. Hints are unlimited, but use of hints disqualifies from the leaderboard. Time remaining is (if I recall) announced in 10-min increments through a speaker and/or the device playing music by the doorway. Currently has the only PvP room in Calgary.