Breakout – Edmonton West




Kinda tucked away in a strip mall area, not unlike their Calgary location, they had lots of parking in the lot that’s shared between all the other businesses there. Didn’t notice too much in terms of a waiting area except for some space in front of their reception area. Similar to their Calgary location again (shouldn’t be odd as this was their original location to begin with) they have a leaderboard that’s a chalkboard with the top teams and their times and was a video game theme design/drawings (we would learn this theme would change time to time). The staff at this location for whatever reason didn’t seem as receptive as the one in Calgary. There was no real small talk or conversing even after we told them it was staff in their Calgary location to tell us to try the room we were going to do.


This company has been one of the first companies to our knowledge to start up in the escape room business between Calgary and Edmonton, with this location being their first. However, compared to the location in Calgary, we found the staff to not be as welcoming or nice. Their waiting room is simple, with a couch to sit on and a leaderboard with ever changing themes to look at while you wait for your room to be ready. Both experiences here, we have had trouble with staff giving us unclear or rushed instructions for what to be doing in the room. Breakout as a company in general is great and has provided us with many fun experiences, but this location in general just isn’t on par with the rest. As with the other locations, they are currently the only company to our knowledge offering a loyalty program with 20 % discounts for members.