Cognito Escape Games



I first noticed Cognito while walking by (and also being told by a friend) and noticed their sign up before they opened. Located on the west side of 14 St, it may be hard to get to going North bound if you just had Chicken on the Way. There’s some street parking across the street by Riley Park and then you take the pedestrian overpass to get there, but standard city parking times apply. They do have a small parking lot for the building right beside their entrance if you manage to get in there South bound. All around the rest of the building looked like permit parking areas, except for a small strip on the North end, so would not recommend. As they’ve only had one room so far, it’s a pretty fun room to try. The staff we had we friendly and receptive to any feedback we had after the room. Being only one room, I can’t say for sure that the hint system would be the same for all rooms as the one they currently have seems to fit specifically that one theme.

Cognito Escape Games is one of two escape companies now located in Calgary’s Kensington area. It’s located just off 14th St across the street from a school/park area at the bottom of the hill. There’s plenty of street parking around, just keep in mind a lot of it will be pay parking if you’re going during 8-6pm Mon-Sat. There is a small parkade just beside Cognito that’s for Plaza 14 customers as well, just be mindful of the parking signs. Like almost all the companies in Calgary, Cognito’s rooms are 60 minutes long. They are still very much under construction and as of writing this (May 23) they do not currently have lockers but should very soon. There is your typical group waiver to fill out at the beginning. The hint system is better explained in the Unmasked Review as we are not sure if this will be the same hint system in all of their rooms.