Confined Escape Rooms




Located in the NE on 32nd Ave, it’s in a one block vicinity of both the original Locked Room and Escape Hour (and Monster Mini-golf, which is how we found them by driving by). Confined has been a delight since we stepped foot into the establishment. We talked with one of the hosts/owners for a good while before and after our first room about rooms in general and enjoyment of them (he said he had done a room at Level 1 which made him want to make his own because of how much he enjoyed it). Given they’re in the giant building with PM Hobbycraft, Coco Brooks and Mike’s Billiards, there’s plenty of space for parking and activities before and after the room. The front area is spacious with some seats and some Star Wars nerdage that leads into a board room area for debriefing. A video is played for all the dos and don’ts with a 3D lady giving us the lowdown, while the table has assorted little puzzles to play with and some candy/chocolate to snack on. We were thoroughly impressed by the quality and detail that went into the rooms. We had just missed their opening 20% off discount by a day (dang it) but we were lucky to get in as they were fairly busy the first bit they were open. The craft used and items made to decorate the rooms were quite spectacular, nothing quite like in any escape room we’ve seen that actually affects the actual terrain that you can actually step up on. As of this time they only have two rooms out and two more in development that we’re eagerly looking forward to.