Cross Roads Escape Games




Wow. I need to say that first. We decided to try this room out while we were all in California. So after Disneyland and before the airport, we fit in this room and boy are we glad we did. Now we only did one of the rooms here (they had two) but it was beyond our expectations. The building itself is huge and lots of parking available. The waiting areas is nice, everything is decorated (even their bathroom doors!). We were promptly greeted by our game master and boy he had a perky personality like a gameshow host. It was nice. We didn’t have much time to wait around as the room we did require us to fill out a personality quiz for the room we were doing. We were led into a second room to get our blurb of what to do or not do and receive our props and roles based off the quiz. We were then lead into a giant open space which had the two room entrances on opposites sides. The victory/failure photos would be taken here. The experience was great, the puzzles were wonderful, and even though we did just the one room, we have high hopes for their other one. The price was a bit steep being more expensive than normal (as well our CAD to USD exchange rate) but it was worth it. Totally worth it.