We decided to do a one day trip to Edmonton, to see some peeps and do some rooms, and Eescape was on that list (we saw GTFO on the way, but it wasn’t open yet, otherwise we would’ve tried to cram it in due to the vicinity of it). The main allure of this location was that it had a room called Back to the Future, and the date we went to do the room on was the same date on the Delorean when Michael J. Fox went back, to the future. A fairly small entrance/lobby when you walk in (apparently you get a bit of a discount of 4% if you pay in cash) it’s a bit plain with a few seats available and framed posters of each of their rooms. There’s a parking lot right next to their building (along with a gentleman’s club) and right across from a hotel just off of Jasper Ave. Pretty easy to get to. The rooms are a bit of a toss up. Some of the puzzles feel too shoe horned in and don’t really mesh with the themes, whereas some do. There is a mix of a lot of different pieces of technology as well math puzzles and some spacial ones as well. Some of it felt a bit disjointed and didn’t quite fit with the theme, or was a bit of a stretch to get from Point A to B. This is the first place I’ve went to where you’re blindfolded before entering the rooms, as you escape from the back of the room and don’t ruin looking at everything and knowing what’s around or where to go on your way in, which I thought was neat. The staff were nice and seemed to know what they were doing.