Escape City




Escape City is one of the more popular companies for escape experiences in Edmonton. Having only done one room there it’s hard to tell whether they live up to that or not. Our one experience there was slightly lacklustre. The waiting room is very minimalistic, none of your usual waiting room puzzles or toys, just a whole bunch of white lockers with white benches to sit and wait on. Escape City is also the only company we have ever encountered that requires you to write out your credit card information on a form “in case of any damages to the room”. They ensured us they get destroyed immediately after you’re done but we still felt a little uneasy doing that. The staff were professional, but did not really interact with us any more than taking our payments and leading us into the room and giving us a brief story. Our experience with Escape City so far is not a bad one, but it isn’t a great one either, nor has it been memorable.