Escape Emporium




Found pretty south in Edmonton, it was easy for us as it was on the way in from Calgary. While the decor of the lobby looked nice, it did feel a bit small and crowded. A small “U” shape of couches didn’t allow for too many people to sit as well it’s also in front of their win photo area, and their “signs” found inside the compartments of those seats. Parking wasn’t a problem as it had quite a few open space around the area given the number of other businesses there. Hints are given via monitor in the room with typed out answers, though the monitoring isn’t constant like most other places that do it using a monitor communication system. Sometimes we found we got clues and hints for puzzles we’ve already solved as there also isn’t an audio monitoring system like those other places that use the monitors. Staff were okay, but didn’t feel very engaging beyond hints and payment.

mEscape Emporium is one of the newer escape companies in Edmonton and we did not know too much about them going into our first room. We were drawn in by their unique themes and well put together website. The waiting room was extremely well decorated with a fancy chandelier and modern furniture. It was slightly cramped however. With our three group members and another group of five in the waiting room with us, we were all squished onto three couches. Perhaps spreading the times of the rooms up a little more might help to fix this problem.