Escape Master




Located on 16 Street NE just across the street from Peter’s Drive In, it’s currently hard to find as there’s some really small signage for them. Best thing is to go the West end (far left side) and take the stairs to the second floor. Also potential for the doors to be locked after a certain time of day (as we found). We had to call them, but their contact info on the website will only show up on mobile if the phone is in landscape while viewing the website. Parking is ample, perhaps more so during the evening when the other businesses in the building are closed. The waiting area contains a couch and a larger spot which looks like it’s for photos. End photos are taken on a Polaroid and placed on a wall above the couch (not unlike Esxoss Manway). Hints are given via walkie-talkie (again, not unlike Esxoss) and it wasn’t specified if there was a hint limit. Staff was a bit unresponsive for the most part of our visit aside from being lead into and out of the room. The reset time also seemed to take much longer as it was quite a wait before we were started but all of this was on their first day, so potentially some bumps for that.