This one is a hard one for me. Escape2gether was my first escape room, so it must’ve done something right to set me on this path of becoming an enthusiast. But after playing my first two rooms there, and then playing at different locations, it just didn’t feel up to snuff. Located just off of Barlow Trail it’s not hard to come by despite being in such a remote area (close to the Wonton King) it’s not terribly hard to get to, even by transit. I want to say that the set up of some of the rooms are enough to ease in beginner level players, but it’s just the puzzles that get me after the fact. They’re pretty janky (as we say) in that they’re kind of disjointed and not thematic to the room. Sure the puzzles are puzzles, but they have no place within the themes of the room. Being one of the earlier locations to pop up in Calgary, it has ample parking space due to being in a warehouse area. The waiting room is a single 2-seater couch in the main lobby area which leaves a lot of people standing around. The hosts are nice enough and remember us (or me at least) but when they hired newer staff, it seemed a bit less personable and not as engaging even on a customer service level that it use to be. It wasn’t introducing us to an experience, it was the role of an employee to give a backstory. When their Red Cabin room came out, we figured it’d be worth it as this is a company that’s been around near the beginning and must’ve upped their game with all these other rooms out. It was not, and became our lowest rated room. I’m still hoping they can do something higher in quality in the future cause I do want them to do well.