Eureka – Banff




Located in the tourist town of Banff, we weren’t sure what to expect from Eureka when we heard about that, but with two rooms open we decided to do a day trip and check it out. Residing in the Wolf and Bear Mall, it’s easy to miss as it’s downstairs and with a couple of small signs around the two separate entrances to the building. Parking is… well parking. You’re in Banff, don’t expect too much ample parking but everything is walkable when you’re downtown there. There’s also a parkade we parked in a couple blocks away. The lobby area, as it were, is outside the main office room (which is quite small) with some sofas and a table sometimes with puzzles on them. The entrance to the rooms, lockers and “briefing room” are all lobby area. The rooms are quite amazing. Both of them. They were really detailed and decorated well with puzzles fitting the theme perfectly. Enough to guide you through so you’re not guessing what clues go to what answer/lock but still immersive enough that it doesn’t feel out of place. Our game master was also great! Lots of times matching our energy/frustration/sarcasm when guiding us through. And guide it was. He didn’t do the answer for us, didn’t tell us where to look for things, but pushed us enough the right direction to figure it out ourselves. Everyone had a blast, and the group of people I went with claim it’s quite possibly the best rooms they’ve done, or at the very least in the top three. And two outta three aint bad.