Exit – Edmonton Whyte Ave




Found on the busy street of Whyte Ave (what I consider the equivalent of 17th Ave in Calgary) we have a small little store front for the Edmonton location (or the first, as they’re in development for a 2nd location at current). But don’t be fooled by the small exterior, the rooms travel pretty deep into the building as they have five different themes at this location! Parking is what it is, being on Whyte, it could be busy on evenings and weekends. Uncertain for all the rooms, but the one we did in particular had hints based on tokens of things your find as you go through the room and then an intercom/buzzer to reach your game master. A very small lobby area squeezed in your small seating area with the props and signs for your win photos. A much smaller space than the Calgary location, but all themed rooms here are different from the Calgary location (being a franchise they tend to reuse themes in different locations) as well the first “choose your own adventure” styled room I’ve seen where you can pick from the beginning which one of two ways you want to go through the story. Also, this is one of the few places in Edmonton that gives you 60 mins as opposed to their standard 45.