Exit – Calgary




So, it’s Exit, not E-Exit like the website apparently, but we still call it E-Exit and that might show up periodically in the reviews. Their logo 出 is a Chinese character that means “to go out” or “exit”. So as it looks like two Es on its side, I can only presume that’s where “E-Exit” comes from, but then why do they call it just “Exit”? Who knows. This was the first really big chain/franchise of escape rooms to come to Calgary. While Breakout had a room in Edmonton and expanded into Calgary, and The Locked Room had one location and opened up two more in the city, E-Exit has half a dozen locations currently in B.C. and one (plus a second coming soon) to Edmonton. Presentation alone when entering the establishment shows that they have money and have done this before. A very professional looking entrance and full leaderboard rankings on tv monitors above the reception desks and a nice waiting area. Connected is a bubble tea cafe and board game area. The rooms here are generally all well done and immersive with well thought out puzzles (with maybe one exception if you check the reviews). Parking can be an issue as this location is on 17th Ave, and good luck on a Friday or Saturday evening. Not impossible but might have to park a bit further away and walk. Now, this location is 60 mins for time, like most places in Calgary (aside from Breakout and Key Quest) but, the other locations (in B.C. and Edmo) all have 45 mins in their rooms. So, I guess we’re just special like that.