Figure it Out



Figure it Out is a small establishment we found out through another escape room only cause they were so gosh darn close it them (Escape Capers). We weren’t quite sure what to expect from as they had a countdown clock on their website that kept jumping ahead a few weeks at a time for while and it seemed like they’d never open. And then they did. Now, it is pretty small on the inside not much a waiting area (unless you count their wii party room, that can also be booked for use on their website) and has some neat metal cut outs of comic book characters hanging on each of their doors (not related to the rooms) from a company next door that does that sort of thing. The rooms themselves are also a bit smaller compared to most of places that are out there. This place, similar to Capers which is next door, is also what I consider a low to no tech sort of room, where the puzzles are more based on physical clue and hints rather than any flashy wow factor. Fair amount of parking space infront and across the street, it’s located in the industrial area in the SE of Calgary, so be prepared for a yeasty smell as it’s around some distilleries. Not really the easiest place to get to unless you’re driving. The rooms are a bit lack-luster, while the effort is there, a few things for ambiance and such aren’t nearly as compelling (not to mention difficult to accomplish) when only escaping from the room you walked into. Not to say that multiple rooms are necessary, but the novelty and sense of progression isn’t as prominent in these two rooms. Now they do have a third room in progress, but that’s been a while now (like their initial opening). They have mini little props you can hold while you get your photo taken and partake in some freshly popped popcorn they’ll have ready for you after you finished.