WFirst, parking was terrible to find as it’s located on Whyte Ave (and the entrance is pretty hidden as well). Second, this is my first room at this location so I had no real expectations from it. The place was kinda small in the main reception area, they had a bunch of Polaroid photos stuck on their wall for groups that played (not unlike Esxoss Manway) but lead into a larger foyer area with what looked like a little waiting space. We were kinda left to our own devices waiting for the room to be reset by playing Uno. There were other things around, but we weren’t sure if we were allowed to touch it or not (like a keyboard in the corner). Staff were polite but not particularly engaging at any point.

mWe stumbled upon InTrap a week or so after they had first opened and were drawn in by their cool looking website. The building itself was definitely harder to get to. During the time we went, there was a lot of construction making it very difficult to find parking, especially since InTrap is located on a busy downtown street. The place itself was nice, clean, simplistic in design. The staff were nice and we got into our room promptly. They are the second company in Edmonton to take Polaroid photos after each room, however they only take one copy to go on their wall so we ended up needing to take a picture of the Polaroid to have a memento.