Key Quest




This is what you get when Laser Quest tries to break into the escape room game: nothing good. The building and parking space is plentiful, cause, well you’re a small room in a laser tag building. All this place has done is put a Russian nesting doll of lock boxes into the kids party room with a couple of tables with a few items set up. That was it. Apparently the room theme is random or pre-chosen so you can’t really pick which theme you want to do, it’ll be whatever happens to be set up that day. The party room had decorations, graphics, buttons and electronics we initially thought were related to the theme of the room, but was just a big distraction for us and their 45 min time limit. The sad parts range from staff not knowing the answers and bringing in their reset sheet, giving us poor clues that didn’t help at any point, and defective devices that wouldn’t open properly. I’d feel worse for spending my birthday weekend here for this if it weren’t for the low price of $15 to do the room. Even then, it wasn’t quite the “you get what you pay for” motto. The puzzles were trying to be on theme, but when it’s a “travel” theme and you’re just throwing in all sorts of puzzles in relations to different countries it gets a bit jumbled and random. I’d rather go play laser tag.