Level 1 Escape Room




Level 1 was always one of my highly recommended locations to do escape rooms. The location isn’t hard to get to (close to Peter’s Drive-In on 16th Ave) and has ample parking space. The staff are nice and will chat it up with you if you choose to. I sometimes go in 30mins early just to see what’s up. The waiting area has a few small puzzles you can play with while waiting, accessible washrooms and beverages up for purchase. The rooms, when we first tried them, all had this tech/gadget element in each one that wasn’t present in any of the other escape rooms at that time (like a laser grid) which was an interesting touch to each room. The first 3 rooms were changed or revamped over the halloween season of 2015, and while some of the themes remained the same (Apartment 103) some changed entirely (Escape from Death Row > Test Subjects) which gave us a large replay value to do rooms a second time. The addition of their 4th room (The Vault) and their upcoming new rooms will have us back for more. While I’ve done a few of the rooms multiple times, (with different people) I’ve found they’re always changing, adding or upgrading the rooms and they’re never quite the exact same when I do them the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time. One thing that’s changed over the course of time is their hint system is now earned, as opposed to having X amount at the beginning. In all the rooms (for sure three of the four) there are items in each room you find as you progress where you in turn exchange said item for a hint. If you’re ever need a small break from the escape room part, Level 1 also has a VR room. It has 2 VR headsets in a separate room where you can play games on Steam (single player or co-op depending on the game) that support the VR experience. If you’re a gamer, or not, it’s a neat experience to try out.