Lockdown Escape Rooms – Downtown




If you’re up for a little adventure outside of Calgary, but not quite Edmonton, you’ll find half way there in Red Deer there’s an Escape Room with two locations. This is the downtown location. It’s pretty easy to get to with street parking as it’s not a large building on the outside. This location holds four themed rooms which are suppose to rotate out somewhat regularly for people to enjoy new themes. This worried me for how immersive a room can be if it’s only being built with the intent to only last for X amount of time and how easily it would need to be to remake a new theme out of it. Also, it has a 50 min time limit and three hints, which is a first for me. It’s usually 45 or 60 mins. It has a small waiting room where players can be seated while signing waivers or what not. The walls are covered with win/lose photos of previous participants along with lock boxes attached to the walls with different style locks which looks as if to let customers try them out beforehand. Staff are nice. We went on Halloween weekend, and each of the game masters was dressed up according to the theme of the room they were overseeing. Not sure if that was an everyday thing or just for Halloween. End photos are taken and posted on their Facebook page at the end of every working day.