Lockdown Escape Rooms – South



Not too hard to find but it is in the back behind a few buildings. It has a few smaller signs on the side leading up to it so you know where to go. Some ample parking depending on time of day and the other businesses I guess. The seating area is fairly small with just some benches and lockers in the waiting area. Similar to the downtown location it contains empty boxes with the different types of locks and their solutions for people to kinda play and familiarize themselves with I guess. Lockdown, when booking, requires a deposit of two people (at least when we did it) when calling in to book. Hint system is relayed through a walkie-talkie and leaderboard is decided by a point system with clues used, time remaining and number of people in the room. Staff were nice enough, but nothing outstanding. Team photos are posted on their Facebook page at the end of each day.