Logic Lock




Located on Jasper Ave in Edmonton, it’s relatively easy to find. Parking on the other hand could be tricky being in that part of town. Fortunately for us it was right by our hotel along with three other escape rooms close by. Once upstairs in their large space you’ll find a wide area for you to wait in with seating, a ping pong table and a variety of board games (Chess, Tic-Tac-Toe, Battleship, Geek out, Munchkin, etc) as well Keurig coffee, chocolate mints and bubble gum at your disposal too! It’s a tidy space with currently three different rooms (they want eight in total eventually). Signing up online will get you to sign an online waiver that is kept on hand. Each room has an intro to the story, done in character for each theme as an audio recording when you are in the room that’s played before your time actually starts. Hints are then given via audio clips, kept in the same characters, to not break immersion. The staff were extremely nice to us, as we booked rooms a bit late in the night we were able to chat with them about the rooms we just completed (what we liked or thought needed improving), rooms in general and other establishments each time that we went. Originally not on our itinerary when we planned to go up to Edmonton, we’re extremely glad we took the time to check them out!