Smartypantz – Calgary




Located on 14 St and just north of the Red Mile by one block on 16th Ave, it’s a relatively central location being so close to downtown and down the street a bit from Exit. Being from both Vancouver and Edmonton, the time limit for the rooms at this location are also 45 mins as opposed to Calgary’s general 60. So, just be aware if you’re coming in from doing any other locations (aside from Breakout and Key Quest) that you have a bit less time for these rooms. Being located that close to 17th Ave means that parking is super difficult to find. There’s a city lot just next to it that’s similar to street parking prices. Being on the corner of the building, they have quite a bit of space inside and somewhat decorative “lockers” for your belongings. The waiting area is fairly open with some benches for seating (don’t lean too much on them as they didn’t seem to be bolted down). Everyone will have an individual 2-paged waiver to fill out before entering the room. Hints (and clarifications) are given via walkie-talkie.