The Locked Room – Southeast




This location was a middle ground for me. While it has more details into its composition for the decor and atmosphere of the rooms, it didn’t feel like anything too special over the original location. The puzzles are a bit more inventive and trying to get more tech based in this location. The staff is okay, didn’t really get a sense of good or bad with them. They kinda did their job, although one did take our picture inside a room after beating it (no fancy border/ipad thing like the Southland one though. One, after a puzzle malfunction in a room, gave us a credit to play another room right away or for another time. They have a bunch of skateboard decks all painted up and hanging on the wall which was kinda neat. There’s lot of parking around there, and even more when the neighbouring businesses are gone for the day. Kinda tricky to get into as you can’t get in directly off the main road the GPS tell you to. You have to go behind the main road like you’re heading into the McDonald’s there and then you’ll get in if you keep heading straight.