The Locked Room – Southland Drive




One of the two expansion locations for the Locked Room, this one has quite a few favourite themed rooms here. Well, they have the 18+ room as well the “kid friendly” room (Hipster Hangover and Lair of the Minotaur respectfully) so it’s got some variety in there. They also have a train heist room to appeal to the cowboys of Calgary and a larger room that has a 10-player capacity. When we first came here this was also the only one of the locations that took victory pictures of everyone after the room was done. The photo is then sent to an ipad with the Locked Room logo on a border put on the image and then can be emailed from the ipad to yourself. Pretty cool stuff. There is also a side little meeting/waiting room like the Northeast location for a debriefing, video for dos and don’ts and to keep away spoilers from other teams finishing their rooms. The large variance of themes also allows for a large variety of puzzles and types of puzzles in each room. Lots of practical and innovative puzzles. The staff are all super friendly too. Very energetic and seem like they enjoy what they’re doing. Mostly women too at this location (might’ve seen one guy once, but that’s it). Ample amounts of parking around the side of the building and extra in the back. Again, easier in the evening when other companies have left for the day. Beverages also available for purchase here.