Trapped – Calgary




Another franchise company, but this time coming from Eastern Canada. They started with locations in Toronto, Montreal and Halifax and decided to bring it all over the West coast and Calgary was one of the lucky places. Located in the busy area of Kensington, it’s a great place for walk-by traffic, but not so much for driving as parking in Kensington is a bit of an issue. It IS close to the Sunnyside train station as well the #1 bus runs past it. The place has adequate room for waiting, but a bit limited for seating. The big thing was they took their time to open with three rooms all at once at the get go and that allowed for a lot of bookings and people at any given time. Clues were given via walkie-talkie as that seems to be the new trend. It’s curious the business end, although they have all these locations they all only have the same themed room available. The physical space of the building is huge, allowing for what seems to be at least five or more escape rooms as well its own private party space that can be rented separately by the hour. Staff were nice, if a little flustered, but our only impression so far is on their opening day, so hopefully that’ll be different later.